Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New boutique event-design center to open soon

Published: February 11, 2015
Existing building at 7024 Church Street East.
A new boutique event and design center will open this month at 7024 Church Street East in Brentwood's north commercial district.

Royal Flair Events was given the go-ahead from the city on Feb. 2, and co-owner Jennifer Haye said the new business should be open by March 1.

Haye and her partner, Miranda Tamaska, have been planning events for a combined seven years, mostly from home, Haye said. However, the pair recently decided to open up their first headquarters in Brentwood, where they also live.

"It's just something that is not really in the area and we just wanted to be close to home, but also bring something new to Brentwood," Haye said.

"We are opening a bakery, retail gift store and event space. So, basically, people can walk in daily and get cupcakes, brownies, mini pies - just different little sweet treats. We also have a party supply store for all kinds of events -- birthday parties, bridal shower gifts -- just a variety of specialty gifts"
Haye said there also will be an event room that can be rented for smaller birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties, etc. The pair also will host a variety of events, such as painting classes and classes for kids, throughout the week.

Haye moved to Brentwood in 2009, but has lived the past 12 years in the Nashville area. She's married to former Tennessee Titan Jovan Haye, who Brentwood Home Page spoke to in December about his invention endeavors.

Tamaska also is a co-owner of the CrossFit Brentwood Hills at 782 Old Hickory Boulevard.
Royal Flair Events will renovate the existing building, which was the former location of Comfort Keepers In-Home Care and Magnificent Hair Salon. Both are owned by Steve Nichols and have relocated to a new office building at 212 Overlook Circle.

Ownership of the property was sold in June 2014 as part of an ongoing Town Center bankruptcy foreclosure sale. To learn more about Royal Flair Events services, visit here.

Staff writer Jonathan Romeo covers the city of Brentwood for Home Page Media Group. Contact him at jonathan@brentwoodhomepage.com.

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